Application Process
Prom Stats (total averages) 

1.Submit an application: The application for the Project RED program can be accessed HERE.
2.Select whether you would (1) like to enroll into the program or (2) serve as a peer escort
3.Submit an essay consisting of at least 300 words
4.Enter the number of community service hours that you need to complete for school
5.State the profession that you would like to pursue as a career
6.Pay the application fee of $20
7.Choose a prom item from the website and email us the description. Attire options are viewable HERE. 

Program Overview

Thank you for inquiring about Project RED (Rebecca Everlene Dream). After submitting your application, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing a dreamy prom and establishing all of the right connections to help you land the career of your dreams. Project RED was created to assist students with completing community service hours, paying for from, obtaining a prom date, and mapping out future plans to pay for college.

On the application, students have the ability to choose between enrolling into the program or becoming a peer escort. Students should also express which career they plan to pursue, and post the number of community service hours that they have outstanding for school. The application requires the submission of a short essay consisting of about 300 words, and school information for the student. There is also a $20 application fee to enroll into the program.

Once the completed application and fee are received, the student will receive follow-up from the Rebecca Everlene Trust Company to confirm acceptance or denial into the Project RED program. At this time, the student will also receive an itemized list of objectives for the apprenticeship that they will need to review. The list will contain tentative goals that the student will need to meet as an effort to maximize their exposure into a specific career field. Many, if not all, of the apprenticeship hours can be completed virtually with the permission of the coach.  

The Project RED program is designed to last six months. Students are instructed to view the website, choose an item that they like, and send us an email to reserve that item. This process should be completed at the time that the application is submitted. Right now, we only have prom dresses and after party items available. We anticipate having two groups of students; one that will start in July of 2016, and another that will start in September 2017 academic school year. Because July is quickly approaching, this first group’s apprenticeship calendar may need to be squeezed into six weeks instead of the normal six months. If approved, credited hours for community service will be decreased, but participating students will still receive any available gifts that are donated from sponsors that would like to give them a dreamy prom evening.

At the Project RED Event in June, we will match students with the coaches that they will complete their apprenticeship with. Food will be provided and it will be an opportunity for students to map out a schedule that is attainable for both the coach and the student. This will also be a chance for the student to receive feedback about how they can create a fundraising plan to help them market their skills and use them to generate enough revenue to pay for college. 

  • Accessories (Jewelry, Gloves, Garter) $50 to $200 
  • Beauty Salon (nails hair) $30 to $75
  • Casual clothes for after or post parties $125
  • Cost of prom in general $1078
  • Dinner $60
  • Favorite prom accessory for 85% of teens was a date
  • Flowers $50
  • Limousine for Prom $200 - $500
  • Make-up (nail polish, lipstick, eye shadow, liner, mascara, blush, powder, etc.) $75
  • Number of students who died in an alcohol-related accident on their prom: 376
  • Other $55
  • Photography $32
  • Prom Dress $100 to $400 
  • Prom Ticket $20 - $250
  • Shoes $40
  • Tuxedo Rental $150

The Project RED and Intellectual Practice Programs are dedicated to Rebecca Spaulding and Everlene Daniels Chambers, the grandmothers of our CEO-- both of which contributed so much to her life and so many others. It is because of their inspiration, their gift of giving, and their belief in community service that these programs are able to exist.