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Vernon has worked within all grade levels, helping students in reading, math, science, and language arts. He also worked in Japan as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher for the local high school and college. He’s extremely passionate about creating a learning environment that allows your students to flourish and become the brightest stars they can be.

I am a high school senior and took AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology and Math level up to Pre-Calculus. I have scored a 5 on the AP test of statistics and a 4 on Chemistry. I’m bilingual of Chinese and English. Moreover I had over 2 years experiences on teaching students. Through my previous tutoring experiences, I had gained foundation skills like communication, time management and built on my technical abilities like G-suite. 
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My name is Jimena. I am 16 and a high school senior. I live in Florida, so I obviously love the beach and having fun in the sun. I am currently in Pre Calc honors, so be assured I will be able to help you out in your Algebra needs.
I tutor face-to-face at Harold Washington Library in Chicago and online.

I am available Wednesdays after 5 and preferably have Algebra 2 be the highest level subject I teach. 

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in July of 2020 as a double major in Finance and Economics. Needless to say, I love math.