Back Alley Hair is an underground initiative
 started by the Rebecca Everlene Trust Company, to
 provide hair assistance for those who have fallen on hard
 times. Just because the economy is bad, it doesn’t mean
 that ladies and kids have to look the part; gentlemen either if they wear fashionable braids. The Fairy God-Stylist seeks to spare talented individuals some of the shame associated
 with living on a tight budget. She also understands that appearance can make or break a child’s confidence and self-esteem. Whether a client has an interview, or a mom wants to treat her child to a princess braiding
 session, we are here to shut those meddling
 coworkers up and make their jaws drop. 

Back Alley Hair
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​The Back Alley Hair Initiative travels. Complete the "SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT" form and we just might show up where you are. If we are unable to make it your way, you are always welcome to stop by our shop for a Back Alley Hair do or Nail It! session. 
Can We
 Braid Hair
 Where You Are?
312.256.6647   l
 Click HERE for more information, 
then email us to get your name on the list.

​$30 flat rate for all styles
discounted pricing available via Groupon
Back Alley Hair offers discounted hair assistance and manicures for children and job seekers. Limited hair styles available. Basic hair braiding guaranteed. We provide cost effective hair maintenance that protects hair under wigs, and reduces the cost of getting sew-ins and interlocks. Barbers present upon request. To volunteer at the Rebecca Everlene Trust Company, please email us at