I am currently an undergraduate student enrolled in the Santa Clara University Honors Program majoring in Neuroscience and Biology w/ a minor in Chemistry. I eventually plan to apply to medical school and pursue my M.D.

I am interested in tutoring AP Chemistry or Biology. I have a strong background in the sciences. Interestingly, science was my least favorite subject for most of my life. However, that all changed in high school when I took AP Biology. I had an amazing teacher who was able to break down complex topics into understandable chunks. I was able to achieve a 5 on the AP exam. I realized the importance of having a good teacher/mentor to really guide the student into understanding. I developed a strong passion for chemistry, biology, neuroscience, and medicine. I hope to be that guide to another high schooler, who will soon be in my shoes and inspire change in their career path. 

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Harvard Medical School is offering a free online resource featuring videos and interactive materials from HMX immunology courses to help anyone who wants to understand the challenges that COVID-19 has presented to several communities across the globe.

Understanding how immunity works is important for making sense of the news around the risk, spread, and treatment of diseases like COVID-19. You can access the resource by clicking on the anatomy photo.
Learn with Harvard Medical School faculty about how the body fights disease.
How The Body Reacts To Viruses
I am a high school senior and took AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology and Math level up to Pre-Calculus. I have scored a 5 on the AP test of statistics and a 4 on Chemistry. I’m bilingual of Chinese and English. Moreover I had over 2 years experiences on teaching students. Through my previous tutoring experiences, I had gained foundation skills like communication, time management and built on my technical abilities like G-suite. 
Alchemy Masters
Leah - Alchemy Master
Karan - Alchemy Master
Hours: 1pm - 4pm Monday - Thursday                   9am - 4pm Friday - Sunday 
Experience: He has experience working with autistic children and loves teaching them concepts in math, in addition to basic coding. He currently works for a company called Code Ninjas, and teaches kids ages 7 to 10 how to code. He specializes in teaching Scratch, Minecraft Scripting, and JavaScript. His strengths lie in computer science, math, and science. He would love to be your Brogrammer, Number Ninja and/or Alchemy Master.
Carolina - Chief of Biscuit Dunking
Hours: 12pm - 3pm Monday
             12pm - 3pm Tuesday
             12pm - 3pm Thursday 
             11am - 1pm Friday
             1pm - 4pm Saturday 
Experience: She has two years of experience volunteering at a summer camp, and took care of about 15 kids, primarily working with 4 to 13 year old girls. Her goal was to make sure that the kids had a fun and to ensure their safety. She has also been a sitter for a few children in her neighborhood and loves taking care of kids.

Hours: 9am - 11am Tuesday
             9am  - 11am Friday
Experience: She has been passionate about working with children from a very young age, and started volunteering in her freshman year of high school as a biomedical instructor, teaching children from low-income neighborhoods. During her time as a volunteer, she was able to educate through many different health experiments and teach not only what goes on in the body, but why it is important. As she got more involved, she began creating lesson plans to better engage the children. She also just recently started her own children's day camp where she is able to work with children outside of a classroom setting, teaching them important values through different activities that require communication and teamwork.
Kalyssa - Alchemy Master
Experience: Kalyssa has younger siblings, so she grew up watching them, and coaches younger teams.
Vineeta - Chief of Biscuit Dunking, Alchemy Master

Hours: Monday-Sunday

Experience: Vineeta, or as some call her, Vin, has an MBA in marketing and worked in corporate for about 8 years, but took a break to take care of her 2 wonderful kids, who are now in middle school. Her goal with kids is to make sure they have fun while staying safe. She has tutored both of her kids and looks forward to helping your kids reach their academic goals or keep them occupied while you work. She has previous experience as a sitter and has tutored elementary kids in a variety of subjects.