We want to offer you additional support for your learning experience by giving you access to 3 months of world-class tutoring for free with no obligation.

In your package, you will have access to:
One free KidWatcher session

Access to play-based learning experiences in math, science, coding, cooking, art, writing, reading and our most popular service, the virtual friend experience.
One free MiniTour session

Access to any one of our virtual college or business tours that teach young people about professions in STEM and highlight some of the coolest science projects around like glass blowing, seeing a race car built from scratch and even ice sculpting.
We also want to share with you how many other families are taking advantage of our services, which you can access here 

If you’re interested in moving forward with accepting our support, please complete the electronic agreement below. It is an explanation of services and explains our cause. 

If your name is on the list, you will see the tutors who we have assigned to assist you during this experience. And we hope you do accept our invitation. Because we are a nonprofit, it’s for a really great cause. 
One free tutoring session in the subject of your choice 

Intellectual Practice Learning offers world-class tutoring services to support families by increasing test scores, and improving confidence with a well-trained, international staff. Get the personalized attention that you need.  

Math Levels for teens and adults
Play-based Learning for kids ages 3 - 10