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Mission Statement
Dear Friend,

These past few years have been filled with a lot of hard work, but it all led to perfect success because we are in the process of planning more phenomenal events for 2019. We were able to have our "We Care Day" at Deborah's Place for MLK Day 2017, and the Candy Land Adventure in October of 2016, which were both huge successes and we hope we can knock your socks off this year as well. If you weren't able to join us for any of these events, don't worry. There are other opportunities available for you to come on out and have some fun. The Circus Science Scientific Adventure is just around the corner, where you will be able to experience several cool experiments that are linked to the mysteries of circus performances. We are extremely grateful for everyone that came out, both students and community members, to help with our projects, and for that, we thank you.   

Through this year’s efforts, we have raised awareness about our capabilities as an organization, and expanded our services to include the Flight, Char & Puppet, Intellectual Practice, Project RED, and B. Alley programs; Tam & Wags, Surviving College Financially, and the EDIE Opportunity. Much of the funding that we needed to cover the cost of student projects in 2016 was generated from the fundraising efforts of our leaders and a phenomenal team of volunteers, but our work isn’t done yet. We need support from organizations like yours to help us make our 2017 events a phenomenal success. 

Our mission hasn’t changed. We aspire to provide coaching in the areas of math, science, and writing, while also supporting students through the process of creating potentially patentable innovations, and publishable works.

Because of our programs, more than 20 students will be able to attend prom in 2017, and receive entrepreneurial training. Another 45 will also have access to extraordinary mentors who will help them develop marketable projects during a six month program. 

Our programs assist with college preparedness, encourage innovation, foster literacy and promote STEAM involvement. With that being said, thank you in advance for believing in us and supporting our academic endeavors. 

Warm regards,

Tamara Daniels

To provide qualifying students of the Intellectual Practice Program with coaching in the areas of math, science, and writing, while also supporting them through the process of creating a potentially patentable innovation, and/or a publishable piece of writing. Projects can be developed from assignments completed in school or born from ideas fostered by the Intellectual Practice Mini Tours. Every year, we have a writing workshop and science fair where children and teens have an opportunity to work with professionals in the journalism, teaching, theatre, art, engineering, law, and chemistry fields. 

To provide financial support and entrepreneurial coaching for Project RED (Rebecca Everlene Dream) program participants. Students complete a six-month long apprenticeship where they shadow a professional working in a career that they would like to pursue. In exchange for their time, students earn community service hours, items that decrease prom costs (i.e. dresses, suits, shoes, gift cards), and receive assistance with developing a fundraising plan that markets their talents to help them pay for college. Every year, we have a kick-off event with the specific goal in mind of introducing the teens to their mentors, and developing the fundraising plan.

To provide financial support for Tam & Wags and raise awareness about BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). Dog owners complete training hours with a Certified Veterinary Technician that teaches them how to better integrate large breed animals into their households. Such training provides preventative measures that decrease dog bites, and promote ownership responsibility. Every year that Chicagoans are able to avoid being restricted by BSL is cause for celebration. Hence, the yearly leash parties and pooch balls. 

To provide hair and beauty assistance for children and job seekers through the Back Alley Hair program. Aspiring teen stylists, licensed beauticians and barbers volunteer their talents to serve Chicago residents. Teens receive community service hours for their time, and licensed beauticians give back to their communities, which increases productivity in classrooms, and boosts confidence during job interviews. We also service individuals in nursing homes, and donors. 

All monies generated from yearly fundraising events are distributed through the EDIE Opportunity, which is managed by the Rebecca Everlene Trust Company and Jeune Hope Chicago. 

Fundraising Events

The perfect way to start summer for the kiddos. Join us for the Circus Science Scientific Adventure, on July 13, 2019, where event participants will learn about the oohs and aahs of fantastical circus performances by taking part in the following science experiments:

1. The Center of Mass/Balance: The Tight Rope and The Balancing Ladder Trick

2. Angular Momentum: Bicycle Wheel Gyro

3. Sound Energy: A Variety of Waves

4. Properties of Temperature: Ice Cream in a Bag

5. Inertia and Complex Aerial Rotation: Adjusting Wing Inertia

6. Claude Elwood Shannon Theorem: The Science of Juggling

7. Centripetal Force: Globe of Death

8. The Giant Pendulum: Trapeze Science

9. Defying Gravity: Building a Hovercraft
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Alive Center

500 W 5th Ave
Naperville, IL 60563

July 13, 2019​
​12:30pm - 3:30pm