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Alina will be a junior this upcoming year; and in the future she hopes to become an orthopedic surgeon. She currently plays lacrosse and some of her hobbies include writing, gardening, and hiking — not that there’s much else to do during COVID. Alina's project entails spreading financial literacy.
Rohan is our website developer. He will be a senior this upcoming year and hopes to pursue Business and Computer Science in college. In his free time, he likes to play basketball and go on hikes. He is also President of the National Honor Society at his school. 

Leo serves as an essential support to our management team, completing complicated research projects, while also editing and serving as a contributor to our Surviving College Financially series. Over the course of four weeks, he immersed himself in our business-focused, mini crash courses. The information that he learned so far has exposed him to key business principals that will carry him well into his desired profession of actuary.
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We’ve got a variety of ways that you can reach us if you have questions or concerns about anything. Just send us an email or give us a phone call. We also have a very strong social media presence and respond to messages there as well. To receive daily updates on any one of our Kid Watcher virtual sitter categories, Smitten & Hitch Coparenting, Surviving College Financially or People Helping People, join us online. We are active 24 hours a day for busy professionals like you. 

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Aishwarya is the Culture & Geek Resource Manager for Rebecca Everlene Trust Company. She recently completed her Master’s in Industrial Technology and Management and loves to travel a lot. She has been taking various courses to hone her skills in supply chain management during the lockdown, which makes her even more of an expert in her field. Her responsibilities with Rebecca Everlene Trust Company are threefold.

They entail conducting research to make sure that families receive the best price and timely shipping right to their door when choosing one of our premium Kid Watcher virtual sitter services. For any of our options, parents have the ability to order Kiwi Crates to keep their kids busy during the lockdown and choose a Kid Watcher to assist with the completion of the project. Parents also have the ability to choose from a list of science projects and meal options when working with Alchemy Masters for science experiments and Chiefs of Biscuit Dunking for cooking sessions.

She’s also responsible for managing and tracking the shipping of any materials ordered by families through Smitten & Hitch Coparenting, Concierge Services. Care packages for pre-pregnancy and pregnancy stages will be sent to individuals who are going through this process alone, or busy families that don’t have time to manage these things on their own. You’ve heard of wedding planners, we are the pregnancy planners.

And lastly, she’s responsible for tracking the best care packages for college students, for individuals and families taking advantage of our Surviving College Financially options.
Meet our Culture & Geek Resource Manager
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